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Planned Parenthood Rumblings Invoke God, Twitter, and Deceit
2015-08-11 09:21:51 - Judie Brown
There have literally been hundreds of tweets about the gruesome Center for Medical Progress videos and the resulting falloutincluding some from the infamous Planned Parenthood itself. We found these a
Driving the Stake into Its Heart
2015-08-07 10:33:14 - Judie Brown
It has now been five videos, but in reality it has been nearly 100 years, and still the beast that devours our preborn children and the souls of our living children prowls this earth. Satans minion h
Baby Body Parts Depravity Bone Chilling
2015-08-04 10:29:36 - Judie Brown
I became incredibly ill this weekend when I started sifting through some historical information that had somehow slipped my mind. I recalled that, in 1993, Professor Dianne Irving and I testified befo
In God's name, drive the stake!
2015-07-31 09:39:49 - Christopher M. Reilly
The recent news and videos of Planned Parenthood's trade in the selective crushing of human babies and then sale of their harvested body parts have horrified us all. Take heart, for there is a ligh
Planned Parenthood Horror Show Defines the Line between Sanity and Depravity
2015-07-28 11:22:17 - Judie Brown
This past week has been bizarre. First we heard from Politico that the Obama Department of Justice was considering a probe of the Center for Medical Progress: In response to a request by House Democra
All Babies Want Us to Tell the Truth
2015-07-24 11:47:13 - Judie Brown
The past couple of weeks have filled the airwaves with the truth about what Planned Parenthoods many medical practitioners do to serve the public. A gory picture is emerging as we witness the disturbi
Dismembering Babies Profits Slaughterhouses
2015-07-21 11:44:59 - Judie Brown
In the recent reports about Planned Parenthoods selling of baby body parts, a particular research group at the forefront of using human cells for scientific research has come to our attention. That co
Latest Planned Parenthood Project: Cut Up That Baby and Sell His Parts!
2015-07-17 10:21:28 - Judie Brown
The latest undercover video of a Planned Parenthood employee, done by David Daleiden, project lead at the newly public Center for Medical Progress, is shocking on several levels. In the video, we see
Tinkering with the Female Body Creates Havoc
2015-07-14 11:04:18 - Judie Brown
There are so many clinical and chemical ways for females to avoid bearing a child while enjoying sexual relations that it is mind-boggling! One has to wonder how, as a human race, we arrived at a poin
Plugging the Cultural Dam
2015-07-10 10:34:14 - Judie Brown
Considering the direction society has taken in the last 30 daysor should I say the direction that five members of the United States Supreme Court are dragging usperhaps it is time to do some thinking.
Catholics for Choice Has an Unambiguous Hatred for God
2015-07-06 01:50:27 - Judie Brown
The history of Catholics for Choice reveals a group of alleged Catholics who dissent from Church teaching. They do this in very public ways and have done so from the organizations founding in 1973. So
A Supreme Court Folly: The Same-Sex Union Decision
2015-06-30 11:07:49 - Judie Brown
Last Fridays Supreme Court decision regarding the union of two people of the same sex should come as no surprise to anyone involved in defending human beings from creation to death. The Obergefell v.
The Arsenic of Human Kindness
2015-06-26 11:43:12 - Judie Brown
The Washington Post has a way with words when it comes to topics such as euthanizing the elderly and the dying. A recent headline, A Humane Way to End Life, caught my eye because of the underlying mes
A Number Is Not a Person
2015-06-23 11:25:19 - Judie Brown
Writing from a German prison camp where he would ultimately be murdered by the Nazis, Father Alfred Delp, SJ wrote about the meaning of humanity. Having lived as a mere serial number while in prison,
Abortion in Overdrive
2015-06-19 11:36:09 - Judie Brown
Over the past few weeks it has become abundantly clear that the tipping point for the radical abortion machine is upon usand its a frightening image. Take for instance the clamoring in Ireland once
PILLorying the Truth
2015-06-16 10:55:48 - Judie Brown
Notorious Communist leader Vladimir Lenin once said, A lie told often enough becomes the truth. This certainly applies to the manner in which the birth control pill has been marketed from its earlies
Lashing out at a Lion
2015-06-12 11:34:02 - Judie Brown
Heroic Catholic leader Cardinal Raymond Burke has recently become the target of vitriolic language among those who have chosen to fashion the argument that Catholic teachings are out of date and repre
Pelosi and Other Catholic Nonsense
2015-06-09 11:58:11 - Judie Brown
In 2009, Father Anthony Brankin spoke to the nonsense I am discussing today and labelled it as the heresy of Americanism. Here is what he had to say: Americanism is the heresy that teaches that whatev
Acting to Expose the Pill
2015-06-05 09:52:43 - Judie Brown
It is no secret that American Life League has been hard at work exposing the facts about the birth control pill ever since our first educational efforts took shape in the early 1980s. This is because
Truth and the Birth Control Pill
2015-06-02 11:21:16 - Judie Brown
In the context of media coverage or federal government marketing, the use the word truth and the term birth control pill in the same sentence is a literal contradiction. The truth about the pill is ra
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