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August 7, 2015

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The joy of adoption

With all of the constant news about aborted babies and the selling of organs, let’s pause for a minute today and remind ourselves that there is good all around us.

This week’s video shows an emotional scene as dozens of special needs children from China arrived to meet their foster families in Texas. Like every mom would, Audrey Shook spotted Lucy, 6, right away and from the moment they first met, there was an instant connection.


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July 24, 2015

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One millennial's reaction to Planned Parenthood's lame defense

After the release of the first undercover video, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, Cecile Richards, issued a video response. In the video, Cecile “apologized” for the “tone and statements” of the senior director of medical services at PPFA, but defiantly defended what Planned Parenthood is doing.

At the time Cecile’s video was released, American Life League captured the reactions of one of our staff, Melissa Pena, and published it.

Developments across the country this week show that Cecile’s video has done nothing to quell the uproar over her organization—which operates the largest abortion chain in the nation.

In this week’s featured video, you can see for yourself what one young woman thought of Cecile’s inadequate performance.

Watch Melissa’s video here

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July 17, 2015

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As a nation, have we become numb to the killing of children?

This week really has been a war of videos. There was the original undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress, videos of several political candidates expressing their outrage, a video of the Speaker of the House condemning Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards’ apology video that was truly defiant, and many more.

But, in selecting the video of the week, we found a video of a speech given on the floor of the U.S. Senate that truly captured the raw emotion and outrage felt by Americans all across the country this week.

We bring that to you hoping it will move you to sign the petition (see Action Item) and contact your own elected officials to finally end Planned Parenthood’s reign of terror.

In this video, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma speaks on the Senate floor about the babies referred to in the Planned Parenthood video and PP’s gruesome abortion practices. 


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July 10, 2015

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A million abortions a year is a huge number, but even one life lost is immeasurable

Sometimes the message of the effect of abortion is best communicated in an eloquent speech. Other times, the best message is personal, poignant, and candid. 

Please take 90 seconds of your day to view this week’s video entitled The Voiceless. It does NOT contain any graphic abortion pictures.

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June 26, 2015

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Graduations can be long, boring rituals, or they can inspire

As pro-life groups take the summer to plan their activities for the next year, we can all learn a lesson from this high school class. Its members heard a clear, specific message delivered by an articulate person, which followed with a concerted collaborative effort with all working toward the same goal.

If we take this same enthusiasm into our 2015-2016 pro-life work and are not afraid to be creative, we will accomplish wonderful things.