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August 7, 2015

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Five tweets reveal Planned Parenthood to be mentally unstable

Lately, Planned Parenthood and its president, Cecile Richards, appear to be a bit unhinged.

Planned Parenthood’s twitter feeds read like the rantings of an inhospitable dinner host who attacks her guests for refusing to come to the party when they learn she’s serving dog for dinner. The government-dependent slaughterhouse—a literal one at that—has been playing defense on a scale never seen since the release of undercover videos exposing its collusion to make money off of the body parts of the babies it was already paid to kill.

Its tactic has been to pass itself off as if it’s the only healthcare provider in existence for everyone forever for all eternity. How on earth did humanity ever emerge from The Plague without Planned Parenthood? Must have been a fluke.

Yeah. Keep saying that while consistently closing down facilities year after year. In 2014 Planned Parenthood shut down 34 centers while opening a measly seven. We shouldn’t be referring to Planned Parenthood as the Walmart of abortion. It’s the K-Mart of abortion. 

We’re not sure why Planned Parenthood chose to tweet this photo of its president, who appears as if she needs to sit down.  

Why the worried look, Cecile? You look like you lost your cat.

Planned Parenthood calls the blocking of a Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood “great news.” This might make for good Twitter material, but the executives at Planned Parenthood must be chewing their fingernails. In all of its 100 years of operation it has never lost as much political sway as it has at this very moment. This week we’ve seen that the majority of both houses of Congress are in favor of sending Planned Parenthood back out to sea without a government lifejacket.

That three percent statistic is the baby that Planned Parenthood will never let die. It’s been debunked a thousand times, so let’s look at it another way. If that little three percent service is the one thing that puts half-a-billion dollars of government funding at risk, isn’t it worth cutting off to protect the 97 percent of other services your customers rely on? Planned Parenthood would spin it as necessary for those few women who feel they “need” that service because no else will provide it. But that puts Planned Parenthood in a moral conundrum. Why do the needs of the few (abortion-minded) outweigh the needs of the many (“prevention services”)?

This is a strange one. Planned Parenthood tweeted the graph above with the claim that it “serves more clients . . . than any other.” Okay. That’s convenient if you break down all the others into separate categories. But if you combine the non-PP centers and compare them with Planned Parenthood, 64 pecent of patients getting government assistance are finding care elsewhere.

Ok. Let’s add one more tweet for its complete lack of self-awareness:

Most staggering—six million human beings in 40 years died in Planned Parenthood’s custody.

Families and communities deserve justice.

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July 24, 2015

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Meet Cranky Baby

In reaction to the coverage catching Planned Parenthood manipulating abortion procedures and negotiating the sales of baby body parts, we introduced someone who isn’t too pleased. 

Meet Cranky Baby. He has a few words to say about the nation’s largest abortion business.

Right click on each image to copy and download. Then share him on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.




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July 17, 2015

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A video you don't want to miss

Have you seen THIS one? The public is outraged over the video showing Planned Parenthood VIPs discussing the sale of body parts through brutal procedures. But if you haven’t seen PP CEO Cecile Richards’ response, you’re missing some really chilling footage. In this recording, ALL’s Melissa Pena offers a running commentary on Richards’ incredibly offensive attempt at justifying PP’s actions.

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July 10, 2015

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Five creative ways to be pro-life on Instagram

Even though pictures of food, manicures, and selfies seem to be the dominant features on Instagram, there are ways to fill the pro-life gap by generating content that affirms the dignity of human beings at both ends of their lifetimes.

Here we offer five suggestions to show how pro-life you are when posting images to the most popular photo-sharing social media platform.

1.) Ultrasounds

Whether you hold an ultrasound of your own child or one of yourself when you weren’t born yet, these black and white images of preborn babies reveal the little person developing quietly in the womb.


2.) Wearing your pro-life T-shirts

Ok, so maybe you’re compelled to take a selfie once in a while. If your followers insist on seeing YOU, then why not include your pro-life apparel? 


3.) Write pro-life messages using the things around you

Memes and word art are extremely popular under the #prolife hashtag. Aside from the fact that these messages are typically created using creative software and typography apps, these pro-life messages aren’t all that engaging. By composing the message for the camera, you’re creating an image that shows craftiness, originality, and includes YOU.


4.) Share the hard times

A pregnancy loss feels like a permanent hole in the heart. Sharing your grief, even to online friends, gives witness to the dignity of the tiniest human being who never got to meet the rest of her family. 

Pregnancy Loss

5.) Appreciate your grandparents’ legacy

Grandparents are just as responsible for your formation as Mom and Dad. Furthermore, they’ve acquired a lifetime of wisdom that exceeds you and your parents. By expressing your appreciation for them online, you set an example to your followers that honoring your mother and father includes honoring those who raised your mother and father.



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June 26, 2015

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Pro-life tweetfest inspires

It can appear as if the culture around us is self-destructing. The media celebrates celebrity sex changes. Marriage and family are being redefined. Christian businesses are forced to close their operations. Within the chaos is a growing group of counter-cultural youth who see the truth even when it’s obscured by progressive ideologies. 

This week, the website Prolifeyouth.com announced a #ProLifeYouth tweetfest to shatter the conception that young people are abandoning the values that recognize that all persons possess dignity whether or not they are born yet. In case you think pro-life activism is aging away along with traditional values, here are a few tweets with pictures illustrating that the young are taking over the movement.