Planned Parenthood Rumblings Invoke God, Twitter, and Deceit
August 11, 2015

There have literally been hundreds of tweets about the gruesome Center for Medical Progress videos and the resulting fallout—including some from the infamous Planned Parenthood itself. We found these a bit over the top, though they do reflect the arrogance of the baby-killing/harvesting organization.

For example, the tweet “Ho ho, hey hey, Planned Parenthood is here to stay!” musters a couple of cerebral reactions from this pro-life veteran, primarily that there must be a fear that the abortion giant is not so sure about that anymore! After all, how many slugs to the gut can one deformed entity take before it crumbles on its own evil ways?

In addition, the #standwithPP slogan generated many posts, including “Too bad for anti-woman health politicians” and a celebratory tweet that the defund Planned Parenthood measure failed to pass in the United States Senate.

But for every tweet American Life League cited this week in our Social Media update there is a powerful pro-life retort. We celebrate the ingenuity, the creativity, and the faith of the tens of thousands of pro-life Americans who have seen through the veil of lies and are consistently unmasking the truth behind the façade America knows as Planned Parenthood. As we said in our Friday update, “In 2014 Planned Parenthood shut down 34 centers while opening a measly seven. We shouldn’t be referring to Planned Parenthood as the Walmart of abortion. It’s the K-Mart of abortion.”

In response to PP’s celebratory remarks about the Senate vote, we responded,  

Planned Parenthood calls the blocking of a Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood “great news.” This might make for good Twitter material, but the executives at Planned Parenthood must be chewing their fingernails. In all of its 100 years of operation it has never lost as much political sway as it has at this very moment. This week we’ve seen that the majority of both houses of Congress are in favor of sending Planned Parenthood back out to sea without a government lifejacket.

In other words, Planned Parenthood is on the ropes, and frankly, regardless of the social media hoopla, it knows it!

Yet this is not the only signal America has received about the desperation flooding Planned Parenthood’s nervous system. Its “Clergy Advisory Board” released a statement telling America that killing preborn babies is God’s work. The Planned Parenthood-generated headline states that the “Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board Releases Response to Smear Campaign,” and then goes on to knock the CMP video series as “politically motivated, heavily edited, and secretly recorded.” Further, the statement reads, “As faith leaders committed to justice, honesty, and liberty, we are troubled by the decades-long campaign of harassment against Planned Parenthood and those they serve. Our faiths demand care for those marginalized by poverty and other oppressions. Faith leaders have supported Planned Parenthood for nearly 100 years because of our shared goals: every person—regardless of income, race, or religion—deserves access to safe, affordable, high-quality health care.”

These things are so disturbing that one becomes nauseated by the realization that there really are folks in this world who can, in all sincerity, equate child killing, destruction of the souls of children, and lies about truth in healthcare with “religious traditions.” 

Seeing this evil prance around our nation from one taxpayer dole to the next we are reminded of this verse from the first book of Peter, “Be calm but vigilant because your enemy the devil is prowling round like a roaring lion, looking for someone to eat. Stand up to him, strong in faith and in the knowledge that your brothers all over the world are suffering the same things.” 

Be thankful for the valiant work of David Daleiden and his collaborators at the Center for Medical Progress. Praise God for the many pro-life organizations teaching truth without apology, including our own work over the past 40 years, in this quest to dismantle the aura of credibility that has cloaked Planned Parenthood and its dastardly agenda. 

Today the veil is finally being lifted and Planned Parenthood in all its ugliness is being revealed. 

God will not be mocked, my friends, and evil will fail every time under His awesome power. 

Keep up the prayers and the hard work, and continue teaching the truth because Planned Parenthood—regardless of its rumblings—is going down.

Driving the Stake into Its Heart
August 7, 2015

It has now been five videos, but in reality it has been nearly 100 years, and still the beast that devours our preborn children and the souls of our living children prowls this earth. 

Satan’s minion has a name: Planned Parenthood.  

The answer to this evil is the name above all names: Jesus Christ!

What must we do? What can we do? Let us listen to the guidance of His shepherds.

Bishop James Conley, from the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, said recently:  

Planned Parenthood perpetrates evil deeds. And in perpetrating evil deeds, the men and women who work for Planned Parenthood become hardened against human dignity. . . . 

Let us pray for those who promote and support the abortion industry. Let us pray that they might experience conversion. Let us pray that they might know mercy and freedom. Let us pray that through Jesus Christ, who came to the world as an unborn child, every abortionist might rediscover the dignity, the joy, and the beauty of humanity.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, from the Archdiocese of Boston, wrote to United States senators on behalf of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and said, “The most recent revelations about Planned Parenthood’s willingness to traffic in fetal tissue from abortions, and to alter abortion methods not for any reason related to women’s health but to obtain more ‘intact’ organs, is the latest demonstration of a callousness toward women and their unborn children that is shocking to many Americans.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrote in his blog about the Planned Parenthood technician’s comment, “It’s a boy,”  

For decades, the advocates for legal abortion—with Planned Parenthood in the forefront—have minimized or denied the humanity of the unborn child. Handy euphemisms have been used to conceal the true nature of the target of abortion, such as “products of conception,” “blobs of tissue,” “uterine contents,” “terminating a pregnancy,” and the like. 

Those tricks of misleading language are no longer viable, thanks to the Planned Parenthood staff members who were captured on these undercover videos, with their callous bluntness about what they were actually doing.

Archbishop Jose Gomez, of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, stated:  

In a society without God, the human person becomes “nothing special,” nothing sacred. The value of a human life is judged according to whether it is “productive” or “efficient.” . . . Without God we don’t know who we are, or where we come from, or what we are here for. . . . 

We have to call our society once more to rediscover the sanctity, the dignity and the transcendent destiny of the human person, who is created in the image of the Creator.

Bishop Robert Vasa, of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California, said: “While the very thought that we as taxpayers are complicit with Planned Parenthood in the provision of abortion at all is very disturbing to me, these recordings show an even more grizzly side to the abortion industry.”

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, from the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, stated:  

Historians tell us that abortion and infanticide were widespread, commonplace and, for the most part, legal in the classical world of the Greeks and Romans. Perhaps if they had the technology at the time, they would have sold fetal body parts for profit. Since the moral decadence of our 21st century western world now rivals the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, it should not surprise us that the nationwide abortion provider Planned Parenthood has been exposed for trafficking and selling the body parts of aborted babies. I say we should not be surprised, but we still should be shocked and appalled at this moral depravity.

Bishop Robert Tobin, of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, said, “This disgusting and depraved practice should be condemned by everyone with a conscience, everyone committed to the defense of human life and dignity.” 

And finally, the bishops of Colorado—Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Bishop Stephen Berg, and Bishop Michael Sheridan—issued a joint statement calling for Christians to set aside August 28 as a day of prayer and penance, saying, “We call on all people of good will in Colorado and beyond to pray that those involved in research and medicine will fix their sights on recognizing the sacredness of life and refrain from putting human life at the service of science. A society can only be considered socially just if it protects the most vulnerable among us.” 

Let us listen to these shepherds.

Let us vow to pray and fast for an end to these crimes. Only then will the stake be driven through the heart of this monster once and for all.

Baby Body Parts Depravity Bone Chilling
August 4, 2015

I became incredibly ill this weekend when I started sifting through some historical information that had somehow slipped my mind. I recalled that, in 1993, Professor Dianne Irving and I testified before a National Institutes of Health hearing on the subject of fetal tissue use in scientific research. At the time we honestly believed that testifying with factual evidence to the truth of how a human being must be killed for such research would resound with the panel in a way that would result in a total ban on such practices. I was terribly naïve.

This is why I am compelled to tell you that the whole grisly business has been going on for a very long time—with the government funding a whole lot of it.

Back in those days the Clinton administration ended a five-year ban on fetal tissue research with a simple stroke of the pen. Shortly after that, efforts began in earnest to see to it that restrictions were put in place to make it illegal to pursue the type of practices the Center for Medical Progress is accusing Planned Parenthood of as we speak. The resulting law, known as the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993, contains restrictions that make it clear that Planned Parenthood is violating that law and should be investigated. 

Planned Parenthood is involved in criminal acts. The onus is on the organization to prove otherwise and apparently it is afraid to do so.

The New York Times recently attempted to sanitize Planned Parenthood’s guilt by suggesting that its assurances that it does not profit from these sales should be enough to settle the matter. In fact, the Times cloaked this grisly business in an aura of respectability by reminding its readers: “Last year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave $76 million in grants for fetal tissue research. Planned Parenthood is certainly not the only collector of fetal tissue—clinics associated with universities also supply tissue for research.”

Does the federal government’s not-for-profit evil practices make it okay for Planned Parenthood to make big bucks by killing babies and selling their body parts? Apparently the disgusting New York Times writers think so!

But wait!

The Center for Medical Progress Human Capital Project has prepared a fully documented fact sheet sharing the extent to which the government itself is involved in such practices. You may be slightly disturbed to learn that, in addition to that $76 million in government grants mentioned by the New York Times, nearly $1.4 billion was spent on stem cell research grants during that same year. According to the report: “These figures represent minimal estimates because the NIH category definitions ‘do not reflect the entire NIH research portfolio and budget’ and projects under $500,000 many not be reported.”

Oh my goodness! But it doesn’t stop there. The fact sheet lists studies funded by our tax dollars involving 17-22 week aborted fetal brains, beating fetal hearts, and 24-week fetal eyes “harvested within minutes of death.”

So you see the stakes are much higher than you thought. Our tax dollars are legitimizing practices that irreverently ignore human beings and their dignity as human trafficking in baby body parts occurs at Planned Parenthood facilities for profit.

I am convinced this is one of the many reasons why the National Abortion Federation slapped the Center for Medical Progress with an injunction claiming CMP illegally recorded conversations at their “educational” meetings. CMP responded to this, saying, “The Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable laws in the course of our investigative journalism work. The National Abortion Federation is a criminal organization that has spent years conspiring with Planned Parenthood on how to violate federal laws on partial-birth abortion and fetal tissue sales. The Center for Medical Progress will contest any attempts to suppress our First Amendment rights to free speech or silence the freedom of the citizen press.”

Enough of this horror show! I am sick AND tired of it. Here is what Americans can do to make a difference:

Sign the petition for Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood and stop all government funding to it. 

Go online to find your representatives and your senators. Contact them and ask them to do two things:

1. Investigate the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood and its cohorts.

2. Move to withdraw all funding from Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliate groups immediately.

Pray for an end to this horrific evil. And yes, pray for all those involved in the grisly abortion industry. As Lincoln, Nebraska, bishop James Conley recently said, “These men and women were made for eternal life, and for unity with Jesus Christ. . . . Behind every depravity there is a soul, in danger of being lost forever.”

In God's name, drive the stake!
July 31, 2015

The recent news and videos of Planned Parenthood's trade in the selective crushing of human babies and then sale of their harvested body parts have horrified us all.  

Take heart, for there is a light dawning on us. 

But first, we must guard ourselves in the oppressive darkness while powerful forces of evil prowl throughout our society. 

Planned Parenthood is too much like the vampires of the old movies, living out the depraved life of a wretched soul that has bound itself to the devil. The vampire consumes itself in a shameful, bloodthirsty quest for the most vulnerable women and children to prey upon. 

Like the Hollywood vampire, Planned Parenthood has reinvented itself as a slick, one-dimensional machine that publicly shows little of the raw and exposed hatred that inspired its founder, Margaret Sanger.  

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it,” advised the sexually obsessed Ms. Sanger. 

Like all vampires, though, Sanger and her dried out corpse of Planned Parenthood can’t help but project their own fate in a wishful attempt to transfer the terrible consequences of their actions onto others. 

We’ll have none of that. Planned Parenthood and the very real souls who occupy its corporate labyrinth will very soon find themselves gnashing their teeth through the fires of hell—equally real and showing no hint of the “tolerance” fad washing upon our culture’s littered shores. 

The day is coming when we will see this monster defeated. Planned Parenthood has run the course of all vampires, arrogantly presuming to “live” an existence that has been extended much too long, growing increasingly reckless and hateful in its bloodlust. Planned Parenthood is crashing against the vengeful mob that clamors outside its walls. This mob—the hundreds of millions of once innocent, preborn babies who lost their lives to either violent abortions or the silent flushing out of the home that might have been their mother’s womb if it had not been made inhospitable by chemical contraceptives—will make its voice heard. 

With the dawn comes the pro-life vanguard. Hundreds of thousands of believers rise from their mantle of truth and boldly proclaim a new day. Morning prayers rise earnestly to heaven, and streams of light respond by charging into the darkness and piercing the cold heart of the monster of the night. 

The decayed corpse, exposed suddenly to the light, shudders and crumbles into the soil of America as the dust it had always been. 

Have faith. Planned Parenthood will be consumed in its war of desperation. Then the scavengers will have their feast, the battlefield will be picked clean, and both flowers and the faithful will bloom again in Christ’s saving grace. 

Christopher M. Reilly is American Life League's director of external relations.

Planned Parenthood Horror Show Defines the Line between Sanity and Depravity
July 28, 2015

This past week has been bizarre. First we heard from Politico that the Obama Department of Justice was considering a probe of the Center for Medical Progress: “In response to a request by House Democrats, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday afternoon that Justice would ‘review all of the information and determine what the appropriate steps moving forward would be.’” CMP founder David Daleiden wasn’t phased at this news, saying in a statement: “They will attack me and my organization all day long, but that does not change the facts about what our investigation has uncovered and what the American people now know—that Planned Parenthood is engaged in an enterprise-wide operation that traffics and sells baby body parts.”

A few days later Americans watched Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, tell ABC News that the CMP is “well-funded,” which of course is very far from the truth. Richards also stated that “Planned Parenthood does not profit” from the sale of the baby body parts and she claimed that the CMP videos were “selectively edited,” though they can be found in their entirety on the organization’s website. While all the information has not, yet, been made public, we are confident that those who did the undercover work will be able to satisfy everyone that Planned Parenthood does profit and has broken federal laws.

Richards said many things that are far from credible during her interview, but the most unbelievable choice of words was when she stated that PP has “the highest standards. The care and health care and safety of our patients is our most important priority.”

It occurs to me that the “highest standards” precludes killing innocent babies and deceiving untold numbers of expectant mothers. Apparently the millions Planned Parenthood has made off the slaughter of preborn babies, no matter how or where they are killed, is not on her radar. 

This brings me back to the law. What seems to have been overlooked in so much of what has been written and said about the Planned Parenthood exposé is the 1993 NIH Revitalization Act and how this law can be used to clarify the fact that Planned Parenthood has potentially broken the law in many ways. According to Dianne Irving, “Just knowing the details of two of the sections (Part II: Sections 111 and 112) of that Act will help clarify how egregious these Planned Parenthood activities truly are, and why Congress must step up to the plate and defund them. It would also seem that there are multiple legal precedents in the Act to prosecute them.”

In a short summary of the ways in which this law could have been violated, we find that “fetal tissue” has been erroneously defined. We also find that fetal tissue, according to the law, can only be used for therapeutic reasons. Yet Planned Parenthood’s “donation” of entire organs from the dead babies suggests that experimental research is what is being done. If so, PP has violated the law and is guilty of a crime.

And the list goes on! Who is investigating these and other possible violations of federal law? Is your elected official even aware of the 1993 law?

If pro-life Americans are not vigilant in defending and protecting the innocent from the onslaught of abuses perpetrated by Planned Parenthood on a daily basis, who will be?

Please hold your elected officials accountable, and remember that no matter how the preborn baby is murdered or where, every single abortion is an abominable act of killing.

In closing, I repeat the wise words of American Life League board member, Hugh Brown: 

I ask you to go online to find your representatives and your senators. Call them. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. American Life League is asking millions upon millions of good-hearted Americans who value freedom and who value life to pick up their phones on Friday, July 31—FREEDOM FRIDAY—and overwhelm Congress with a million phone calls. Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, call your congressman. Call your senators. Tell them to protect freedom of speech, tell them to protect freedom of the press, and tell them to investigate and go after the real lawbreakers: Planned Parenthood. 

Join American Life League this Freedom Friday and help us defend David Daleiden’s constitutional right to free speech and tell Congress that “Evil Incorporated,” also known as Planned Parenthood, must be investigated, defunded, and shut down.

Don’t let the horror show continue!