Blame the superhero?

Why is it that sometimes good must suffer the consequences of evil? This question came to mind when I read about the possible legal trouble that David Daleiden might face for showing America the truth behind Planned Parenthood’s abortion policies and the selling of baby parts. 

SupermanIf you haven’t followed the story, here is the brief background. In the last couple of weeks, David Daleiden, the president of Center for Medical Progress, has released three videos and multiple documents uncovering PP’s selling of baby parts. These videos are disturbing to say the least, but they are videos that every American should watch to understand what a preborn child goes through in his mother’s womb at the hands of PP. 

This reminded me of the movie Dark Knight Rises, where Batman was seen as a bad guy toward the end because of all the destruction that occurred during his battle to save Gotham. Batman saved millions in Gotham, but because the media portrayed him badly he was considered a villain. 

We can look back on more important history and find that the same thing happened to Christ. He was considered a threat and was crucified because he spread the wisdom and love of His father. In some people’s eyes Daleiden is seen as the villain for opening the eyes of those who have blindly followed PP. 

Now some reading this might think that calling David Daleiden a superhero is a stretch. But whether you agree or disagree, Daleiden is certainly a hero to the pro-life movement. Without David and his courageous team, many would still be blind to some of the most horrifying practices of PP.

It should come as no surprise that liberal members of Congress and PP were upset with their dark secrets being revealed. They have been so shaken that they have asked the attorney general of California to investigate Daleiden and his organization. California attorney general Kamala Harris has recently announced that she intends to do just that. 

In addition, there have been media reports that President Obama’s Justice Department is considering legal action to shut Daleiden down. Since Obama is one of the greatest advocates for Planned Parenthood in the last several decades, this is not surprising. As president, Obama has worked to protect the half-billion dollar tax subsidy this organization receives annually as well as the almost 100 million additional dollars PP receives through Obamacare subsidies.

American Life League is asking for your help. As ALL board member, Hugh Brown, stated earlier this week:  

I ask you to go online to find your representatives and your senators. Call them. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. American Life League is asking millions upon millions of good-hearted Americans who value freedom and who value life to pick up their phones on Friday, July 31—FREEDOM FRIDAY—and overwhelm Congress with a million phone calls. Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time and 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, call your congressman. Call your senators. Tell them to protect freedom of speech, tell them to protect freedom of the press, and tell them to investigate and go after the real lawbreakers: Planned Parenthood. 

Join American Life League this Freedom Friday and help us defend David Daleiden’s constitutional right to free speech and tell Congress that “Evil Incorporated,” also known as Planned Parenthood, must be investigated, defunded, and shut down.

Help our heroes stand tall. Use your voices this week to not only stand up for Daleiden, but for preborn babies who deserve our love and compassion.

Melissa Pena joined American Life League in December 2014 as development coordinator. Pena is a 4th year criminology and sociology major at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

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