Trust the Lord and stay in the struggle
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - By Judie Brown
It occurs to me that even some pharmacists in the good old US of A are getting victimized by the escalating pressure to join the culture of death or get off the road. Recently one such pharmacist wrote me a letter, and it astounded me to think that he was so concerned about his conscience being violated that he was contemplating departing the profession. Of course I urged him to remain, to fight it out, and to make it clear that he could never fill a prescription for the birth control pill. He knows that these pills are deadly chemicals that not only could abort a baby but could harm a female for the rest of her life.

But as he pointed out to me, he can see a time when presriptions will be written for drugs to end life at the other end! Then what, he cried? "Trust the Lord, Joe, and stay in the struggle."

It is just so sad that pro-abortion zealots and the media are dedicated to forcing their views of "freedom" on the rest of us. That kind of "freedom" literally enslaves the indivual to sin. What can we do about this? Well, for one thing, we can take our pharmacist to lunch, and express our support for him if he has chosen to live the pro-life message. And if that sounds bit far out, then pray for him. He needs it.


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Judie Brown | 2005-05-19 00:00:00
I understand all of your comments and appreciate the chance for us to "vent" to each other. Having visited a couple of those third world countries with corrupt governments ? Zimbabwe for example ? I am always appalled to learn what goes on there. Food gets exported while the people who live there starve to death ? and all because of corruption. Yes, scrutiny is key, and I honestly believe you and I are on the same wave length. God bless you.
John | 2005-05-18 00:00:00
I'm not sure we're on the same wavelength here. Unlike Elsa, I do not believe that we are drowing in overpopulation on a global basis. We were farming people and I know quite well how abundant the earth is. Having said that, though, I do think that fertility and population is something we should constantly scrutinize. An increse from 6 billion to 9 billion in the next 45 years isn't just a slight increase. Because of technology, the need for huge workforces simply isn't there like it used to be. We need to test the statistics in light of global economics and make sure that we never end up with some Orwellian system where the government has to create jobs to keep people busy or, even worse, where the government doesn't care and lets people die in the streets. It's not going to happen in our lifetimes, but it could happen in the distant future. I guess what got me riled up was the fact that you didn't mention the wonderful option of NFP to Elsa in your reply. It's a wonderful option for couple who, because of economic or health reasons, shouldn't have large families. God is gracious, but he does expect us to bear some responsisbility. The complexity of the whole issue goes way beyond hand-me-down clothes and used cars. For many people, especially those who live in countries with corrupt or oppressive economic systems, it's often a matter of putting food on the table and being able to send their children out to find employment and provide for families of their own. Hope
Judie Brown | 2005-05-16 00:00:00
While I am not sure how you got into the mode of arguing that somehow I encourage people to pay for other people's children, I do know that boneheaded I am not. As a matter of fact the logical thought process that I use is available to all human beings who have the ability to think. You bet God gave us the gifts of prudence and self control, and those who have learned how to use natural methods of spacing children and also happen to live in poor nations would be the first to testify that NFP does work and in many cases has provided their marriages with a boost as well. So what's your point? I guess you want to believe that the world is going to drown in its own population. For the past 35 years fertility rates the world over have been on the decline. Some demographers argue that the population could peak by 2050 and then begin plumetting; others estimate that it could occur even earlier. The Global Issues(www.globalissues.org) web site has all kinds of fascinating information, and none of it reveals an ongoing increase in population. At one location on the site they state, "Based on new data on fertility decline, the United Nations projection of the size the human population will reach in the year 2050 is now 9.37 billion, about 50 percent larger than today's population. While that may still seem large, the new estimate is down from the 11.16 billion that was projected just twenty years ago. The population is projected to stabilize shortly thereafter, most likely
John | 2005-05-14 00:00:00
You're a liar. The population of the earth is increasing and everyone knows it. Some countries are losing people but most are gaining. I understand your opposition to artificial birth control, but are you so boneheaded that you can't even suggest NFP for couples who want it and for regions that need it? Besides, no one wants to pay for other people's kids. Sure, God made us fertile, but he also gave us the gifts of prudence and self control.
Judie Brown | 2005-05-13 00:00:00
It is irresponsible to defy nature by giving chemicals or some sort of device to a perfectly healthy female. The fact of fertility can be appreciated -- yes. But it should not be treated as a mechanical function. It is an innate part of everything it means to be female. The cries that overpopulation is even a problem are defied by the facts. Even the United Nations tells us that the world is losing its stability because man is not reproducing himself. And the situation does not appear to be getting better. The well-being of the family unit is comprised of the healthy love and acceptance that parents have not only for each other but for the children God is generous enough to share with them. As the Chinese have taught us, those who limit their families tend to raise self-absorbed offspring. Love is boundless in a family, and from that flows a determination to provide what the children need and what is in their best interest within the confines of the family budget. Yes, that could mean that clothing is hand-me-down and that the family vehicle is a used car, but the basic ingredients that compose a well-adjusted citizen really are not dependent on material possessions or the most expensive or exclusive schools. Finally it is a medical and clinical fact that the pill, the IUD and so forth can and do abort children. And statistically, in the 57 countries where numbers are available, the country that contracepts will also be the country that aborts. Contraception breeds a
Elsa | 2005-05-12 00:00:00
I think it is irresponsible to oppose contraception. Overpopulation threatens the health of the planet. Family planning is essential for the well-being of the family. Couples should limit the number of children they have to the number that they can afford to provide with adequate love, supervision, nutrition, health care and sufficient education to become contributing member of society. The availability of contraceptive devices helps to prevent abortions.