Whacky, weird and woeful
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - By Judie Brown

Headlines make me nuts, and then when I read the stories my head spins. What in the world has happened to pro-life ethical principles? I would guess they went south at the same time the Republican Party decided to water down their commitment to anything even remotely resembling absolute differences between right and wrong.

Take this headline: "U.S. Senator Brownback calls for a limit to the number of embryos created during IVF." Hmmm! Why would a "pro-life" senator call for limiting the number of human beings "created" in a lab rather than simply solving the problem by calling for a total ban on in vitro fertilization? What could he be thinking?

Or take this headline: "Florida Governor Bush signs bill to regulate second trimester abortions." Excuse me? Does this mean that some second trimester acts of killing the preborn are ok? No, actually, it means that the abortion mills where these older babies are being killed will have to be "regulated." Mind you, it's OK to continue the killing, but please get in line with your cleanliness.

Oh my! Whacky, weird and woeful. Such a condition is so deplorable that one can only praise God that He is ultimately in charge.


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Judie Brown | 2005-06-21 00:00:00
It is certainly true that the type of incremental legislation that is not set forth to permit abortion (rape, incest, life of the mother, etc.) is principled and does not in any way deny the goal of achieving total protection for every preborn child from his beginning. Sad, though, that the vast majority of national pro-life groups (and their leaders) invite compromise at the drop of a hat which is why the GOP is slowing becoming the mirror image of the Democratic party. Before we can move politicians, there has to be a unanimous agreement among pro-life organizations that no exception will be tolerated. So it is best to start with the groups that are clearly confusing politics with pro-life goals.
Mario | 2005-06-20 00:00:00
Very good observations regarding Jeb Bush and Brownback, and their respective legislative proposals. Why is it that even the politicians that are 100% pro-life (no-exceptions for rape, incest, and perhaps "life of the mother," if they understand that exception) still propose legislation that is Orwellian / schizophrenic in other ways? How can we get the no-exceptions politicians that are already in office to use the "Personhood Principle" as the starting point for any and all legislation they put forward? I think you would agree, even if a piece of legislation was "incremental" (completely outlawed only one method of evil, such as late term abortions, but didn?t stop all abortion all together in other places) that would be still good so long as it does not set up a barrier (in its legal text or in public perception) to establishing personhood for all. Most pieces of legislation that are "incremental" and/or "regulate the practice of abortion? do violate the "personhood principle." But how do you think we can move our few friends in power to understand the difference between, for example, a "parental consent bill" (which works against personhood by acknowledging that the choice to kill can me made under current cover of law) and a parental notification bill (which does not establish personhood, but does not undermine that goal either)? Can CIANA be changed in that regard to make it a good, supportable bill?
Chris | 2005-06-10 00:00:00
Judie, I really enjoy seeing a Christian woman like yourself speaking so firmly about your convictions. It is nice to see women with such strong values.
Sharon | 2005-06-03 00:00:00
Judie, I just found your site today and enjoyed reading the blogs. I agree on the woefulness of our country's laws on abortion, etc., but I still applaud the few legislators and governors who are trying to infuse some sensibility into our insanely liberal society by putting some limits on abortion-at-will-at-any-time, especially abortions for minors. How absolutely stupid not to notify parents ? DUH! I can't see how any pro-abortion liberal can not see the need for parental involvement. Like you said: Wacky and woeful.