Frozen thinking
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - By Judie Brown

Father Tad Pacholczyk, a Catholic bioethicist, told the Washington Post, "embryo adoptions would make Catholics complicit in test-tube fertilizations, which the church considers illicit."

Excuse me? Father, is a Catholic complicit in the act of rape if he adopts a child conceived in rape?

A human embryo is a human being whose dignity and right to life are paramount, regardless of how he came into being. The fact that he exists means that God Himself created him. We must never forget that the act of in vitro fertilization is wrong -- morally illicit. A human being who happens to be a human embryo created through that process is not wrong.

While we await an official pronouncement from the magisterium of the Catholic Church, it occurs to me that we should be opting to defend life, not excuse it into death.


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Marti | 2005-06-09 00:00:00
Judie, as an RN, active in pro-life for 16 years, I was so happy to read your comment. It seemed to me that while I do agree with the church re: in-vitro, the responsible thing to do would be to allow adoption only to save the child from destruction or experimentation. If I read your response correctly, this is your view also. So what is the next step, besides prayer?
Craig | 2005-06-05 00:00:00
It seems to me, if one is to implant a frozen embryo within the womb of a volunteer woman or mother, this very act is against the spirit of Humanae Vitae, the great encyclical of Pope Paul VI. According to Humanae Vitae, implanting a human embryo without the unification of the sex act is wrong. Sometimes we just have to admit and submit to the wisdom of the Church. The good priest is only paralleling his views with this great encyclical.
Judie Brown | 2005-06-03 00:00:00
The Church has always provided a thoroughness in her teaching that negates the possibility of someone misunderstanding her intent. If the Church does decide that the adoption of frozen embryos is licit, I am positive that the full explanation supporting this teaching will set aside any concerns or fears any of us might have about public perception. As Bishop Elio Sgreccia, a Vatican bioethicist has said, the best solution to this thorny problem is to outlaw/ban IVF. That is, of course, the right and only good answer.
Dale | 2005-06-02 00:00:00
My guess is that the priest was stating the Church would not be in favor of this because it then gives the impression that the Church supports this type of action. I don't believe comparing this to rape is in any way correct. This makes for a very difficult situation and just what the correct "Catholic" response ought to be is a not an easy solution. Obviously one does not want these embryos destroyed or "donated" to science, but to actively encourage this type of adoption could easily be understood to mean that the Church condones/encourges this type of thing.