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INFOGRAPH: 2014 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report
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Planned Parenthood's cash cow
2015.08.05 - 9:00am - Steve C. Craig
When revenue from harvested baby organs is considered, late term abortion is one of Planned Parenthood’s highest ticket items. This very well may explain why the abortion giant has resisted any attempt by legislators to restrict these horrific procedures.

This topic requires a discussion of abortion methods for which I apologize in advance, because the details are disgusting and barbaric. read more...
Culture of Life Studies Program
The power of one
2015.08.03 - 11:00am - Culture of Life Studies Program team
In the early 1900s a young woman set out on a mission to make birth control an acceptable practice and rid the world of the weak, the disabled, and the unwanted—those she and her cohorts deemed unfit to live. This woman, Margaret Sanger, changed the course of history. She pushed for, and saw before her death, the legalization of birth control. She founded Planned Parenthood—the organization responsible for the destruction of millions upon millions of tiny human beings’ lives through abortion and contraception. Margaret Sanger was clearly committed to her evil cause, leaving behind a haunting legacy of promiscuity, birth control, and abortion.

Even moral, upstanding people can learn something from Margaret Sanger’s story: All it takes is one person to change the course of history. read more...
Planned Parenthood and human fetal body parts: Sections of main legal document
2015.07.30 - 2:00pm - Dianne N. Irving, MA, PhD
I. Introduction:Most have already heard—and seen at least part of—the startling video taken by the Center for Medical Progress of Deborah Nucatola, MD, senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In that video she describes in nauseating detail the involvement of Planned Parenthood in carefully selecting and selling various types of dead human fetal body parts after performing their abortions on women. [See, e.g., American Life League’s STOPP, “15 Years Later, Planned Parenthood still selling baby body parts” at: stopp.org/article.php?id=14913].

Given that most people are unfamiliar with the federal legal directives involving the use of human fetal tissue, or how to access those legal directives (which are almost illegible even if found), the purpose of this article is simply to copy below the main federal legal source involved: the 1993 National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act. Just knowing the details of two of the sections (Part II: Sections 111 and 112) of that Act will help clarify how egregious these Planned Parenthood activities truly are, and why Congress must step up to the plate and defund them. It would also seem that there are multiple legal precedents in the Act to prosecute them. The URL for the Act is provided so that these sections can also be seen within the context of the entire Act. read more...
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Blame the superhero?
2015.07.29 - 1:00pm - Melissa Pena
Why is it that sometimes good must suffer the consequences of evil? This question came to mind when I read about the possible legal trouble that David Daleiden might face for showing America the truth behind Planned Parenthood’s abortion policies and the selling of baby parts. 

If you haven’t followed the story, here is the brief background. In the last couple of weeks, David Daleiden, the president of Center for Medical Progress, has released three videos and multiple documents uncovering PP’s selling of baby parts. These videos are disturbing to say the least, but they are videos that every American should watch to understand what a preborn child goes through in his mother’s womb at the hands of PP. read more...